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Use tax live chat 24 hours a day

All the facilities offered by technological developments have now touched all aspects of the human way of life, including in the area of taxation. The 24-hour tax call center uses tax live chat, which now helps taxpayers check complaints and consultations here.

In Indonesia, the tax call center service is more known as Kring Pajak, which has proved to be more open to DGT in providing wider community information on taxation.

This form of service has also gained a lot of public confidence and always depends when it comes to various tax questions. Nor do they feel concerned about the information they receive and the personal information they receive.

This is because Kring Pajak provides an official service under the supervision of the Information and Complaints Service Office (KLIP) of the Directorate General of Texas. Therefore, there is no need to doubt its accuracy, given all aspects of this service.  Tax issues can be discussed freely with the service officer.

From different types of taxes to illegal fees, you can raise different topics and issues. The officer will provide answers and solutions to your tax problems, as well as kring pajak, which serves your tax figures correctly and accurately.

In fact, this service can help your tax administration process. Plus using tax live chat, everyone can access the 24-hour tax call centre , which will certainly make it easier for all aspects of Indonesian taxes.


One of the menus offered by Kring Pajak is the Live Chat feature. This live chat feature is an improvement by DGT and has had a huge innovation effect. This feature therefore helps the community in making all complaints easier.

Unlike the long-time complaint website that takes a long time to respond to public messages, this live chat feature will respond immediately.   The point is, all complaints and questions can be sent through this feature and you will receive a direct response from the officer online.

It won’t take long  to change  your complaints and questions because the live chat feature uses real-time technology such as the message sending feature on social media  .  Having this feature certainly helps you communicate quickly between customers and officers.

Because the problem is urgent and customers can’t wait.  With a 24-hour tax call centre using this tax live chat, taxpayers are not delayed from paying this compulsory fee without queues.

The tax live chat feature is indeed inspired by similar features offered by start-up companies and major websites. The eye-catching and easy-to-use graphic design makes this feature a key choice compared to other types of services.

Tax Live Chat Fees

Using the Tax Live Chat feature is easy and can be used by anyone.  You can use this feature to ask questions about tax rules, Paja K rates, and other complaints.  Step by step how to use the Live Chat feature:

  1. Go to website

The first thing you need to do  to get into  the 24-hour tax call centre using tax live chat  is  to open the Pajak.goid website.  You can click the box.

  1. Crystal Palace Hotel

All tax services have been disrupted during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This is because all direct services at the Tax Office are very limited, and health protocol policies are also closed.

Although kring pajak services are already available through call centers, online websites and live chat – not all of these features can accommodate all the tax needs of Indonesians . In a solution,DGT has started kring Pajak services through WhatsApp.

The service provided using one of these messaging applications is long-term and has proved to be of great help in meeting taxation needs in Indonesia. The WhatsApp service is also included in the category of Live Chat Features of DGT.

  1. Operating Time

To get  answers in real time, you need to pay attention to service hours, which are estimated to be 24 hours a day but  not fully serviced 24 hours a day.

That’s why , the 24-hour tax call center’s operating hours use tax live chat through the website only from 8 am to 4 pm, while whatsapp serves from 8 am to 8 pm.

Questions and complaints will still be sent outside these hours, but they will be answered during operating hours. All but that will  be answered.

  1. idn

When you start live chat tapping through the website or whatsapp, filling in identity is an important feature. Because this identity is crucial to keeping track of the information you might ask.

The website typically receives a column to fill out personal data. If you use WhatsApp,  you must type your own data from the prepared format.

  1. Start chatting

When you have an officer willing to serve you, you will respond to the personal data message. When that happens , complaints can be raised immediately and everything you want to say  can be raised.

Tax Live Chat Tax

In practice, the  24-hour  tax call center feature  using tax live chat has many benefits, compared to other types of tax crawling services.

  1. Additional expenditure

Using a telephone line, the tax live chat feature has been found to be cost-effective compared to tax call center services. That’s definitely because phones need very expensive credit fees when they use and access the live chat internet network.

  1. hasten

Officers will respond quickly when providing eye live chat services if complaints are usually served through the website. Since it is in real nature, the officer will immediately answer questions from taxpayers.

  1. You can also perform other activities

Although  contact  ing the tax call centre  via telephone line  will receive a quick response, you must be  on standby  and in focus  .

 Unlike the 24-hour tax call center feature, use tax live chat. You can get a quick response  as well as other activities, because the system is only in the form of sending messages.

Legal Shaw

The tax live chat in the tax crunching service is an official service established by the Directorate General of Texas. The legal basis for this feature is the Regulation of Directorate General of Taxes No. PE-02 / PJ / 2014 and PRE-22 / PJ / 2014. On this basis, the tax live chat feature is also legal.

Using tax live chat, the 24-hour tax call centre is a very useful service and helps many people manage all tax needs .

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