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 Tokopedia Call Center, our special attention to customers

The Tokopedia call center is intentionally provided for the convenience of customers such as sellers, buyers, and service users. As one of the big companies in Indonesia, of course many important things need to be considered in detail   . Including addressing clients to collaborate more comfortably or use our business services.

Tokopedia is considered a great company to have a smooth ride without any obstacles until it is big as it is now. There are indeed very steep roads   we have to go through , but we are still excited to make dreams come true. Innovation continues to occur to improve the best service, increase the type of business and make the most of existing opportunities.

Knowing the story of our journey is fascinating and currently runs different types of businesses. Tokopedia’s call center service is also available making it easier for clients to file complaints, barriers, or find guidance. And a live chat service that can be used with separate terms and conditions is outlined below.

The story of Tokopedia’s founding journey to growing up now

Our founders are young people with a great passion for creating bridges between rural and urban communities. The high urbanization makes many goods collected in the city as the village struggles to gain access. These goods or products become expensive due to shipping restrictions and various other causes.

William Tanuwijaya and Leontinus Alpha Edison are the founders of Tokopedia with  similar life experiences and challenges.   Their long journey was   not easy, as at first their dreams were often laughed at. Dreams that are considered too high are still being fought so they can make a big company what it is now.

Customer concerns are important so that Tokopedia Call Center special services are available  . As customers come from different circles, different cities or regions in Indonesia, they thereby create new challenges. Whatever obstacleshappen are still considered to provide comfort and together realize the dream of success.

Tokopedia decided to work with BTS as a brand ambassador because BTS is seen as building a positive image. Tokopedia and BTS are building a vision that aligns so that both both benefit in collaboration. At the time, our company was successful but never felt complacent to keep innovating.

Different types of businesses run orLeh Tokopedia

Tokopedia is indeed known as a big-name company in Indonesia, especially as a marketplace. It turns out there are still many types of businesses that have been managed for convenience and the best customer service. The following is a brief breakdown of Tokopedia’s business types and more complete information in Tokopedia’s call center.

  1. Mark

As a trusted market, we bring sellers together safely with marketers or buyers. You can easily sell different products because the market available is very wide and unlimited. Similarly, it’s easier for shoppers to source products according to their needsat more affordable prices and save shipping costs.

  1. Financial Services

There are many financial services options that are considered easier — businganywhere, anytime.  We have worked with trusted partners so that financial services are safer in the long term, such as:

  • Fund
  • Gold
  • Online Loans
  • Capital loans
  • Credit card
  • Insurance
  1. New retail

Mitra Tokopedia is used as a bridge that makes it easier between online and offline sales. Customers can take advantage of this service to reach customers more broadly using online methods. This service is noted by the Tokopedia Call Center as  a digital partner, while your offline store is still operating normally.

  1. Logistics under delivery

We use a  proven logistics  and fulfillment system  to make delivery easier and safer because it’s integrated. Vendors have the freedom to store products in our available warehouses in Indonesia. Although the buyer can decide when the package will be received so that it is easier for the delivery system.

Tok opedia Care Services which  can be accessed on theofficial website

We offer the Tokopedia call center as a show of concern for loyal customers who join us. You can access  our official website  for a series of complete information on the type of business being conducted. Here are some service options available in Tokopedia’s care, complete with guide on how to use it.

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  1. Select the restrictions tested

If you have problems with taking Tokopedia, you should first worry or panic. It is best to breathe, and then find an answer by searching for an answer on the site page. Open the official website and then search for a help center or Tokopedia / help later to appear several options that are your problem.  Choose a topic like the middle of the obstacles you encounter, including:

  • Problems with my account
  • Limitations of my order
  • Restrictions on the payment process
  • Restrictions on shipping process
  • Vergoedingsbeperkings
  • Order klagtebeperkings
  • Promotions and many others
  1. Say crime

The Tokopedia Call Center provides a crime reporting function if you feel you are experiencing an adverse problem. Suggested problems like account hijacking, credit cards like those already used by others. Even getting dodgy messages, especially from Tokopedia’s side, like winning awards or promotions, even if they’ve never been held before.

Never hesitate to report it and we will process as quickly as possible for mutual convenience. Do not easily believe in various promotions or awards that are not clearly sourced. It is best to confirm directly to our customer service so that the information obtained is actually clear and accurate.

Tokopedia Live Chat Servicewith Terms and Conditions

We provide convenience to users by providing Tokopedia call center services  via live chat. This service is in high demand because it is very easy to use with a quick response. There are 3 types of live chat that are distinguished by terms and conditions to make it easier to find information.

  1. Live chat in general

The service is differentiated for Gold tier customers with Platinum tier customers as the main requirement. Gold tier customers’ initial response with Chatbot, after 3x can only connect to customer service. Meanwhile, platinum-level customers instantly appear in live chat boxes and are automatically linked to customer service.

  1. Live chat power trader

This service is provided only to  sellers who  subscribe to power dealers acquired through the seller center. This service is provided specifically to complain about sales only or specifically for sellers. The team will wait 2 minutes, if there is no follow-up response, the conversation will automatically end.

  1. O2O live chat

It is only specific to Tokopedia Partners khu sis which  is already officially registered and has an account. Only customers have problems with the sale and special purchases from Mitra Tokopedia. All  customers must  be registered, can click live chat directly, and can contact customer support.

As a large company in Indonesia, we continue to develop ourselves and our passion for service innovation. So that every customer who joins us can feel the different service programs. No wonder Tokopedia’s call center services  are always considered and prioritized as our partner for convenience.