Profile and information of  the fullest vice leader of West Java State : Capcus

 Governor and Deputy Governor of West Java  in 2021

The leadership of the governor and armed governor of West  Java  is  certainly very much  at  implementing the rules in their region The role  of the leader during his lifetime became a  respected figure to implement public policy.     Not  only that  , but leaders must be able to lead and help the people improve the level of welfare.

Through this  , the  election of leaders needs to be known to be conducted once every few years,  and the process  also passes  the  general election of regional  leaders  according  to procedures established   by special  state  agencies.   The election period will  be conducted fairly, honestly and openly  for the common good  .

True, according   to the results of the people’s elections in every term of office, the  local leader  has changed.    There is already a trusted leader who   has been occupied  , and details  about the leader  are provided so that we can find out more about the profile and actions    I’m going to show you.

You can at least understand what  the armed governor’s   current background is. As you learn  his profile, you  will also know his  leadership style and achievements  during the government period.   Learn  the full profile  in  advance.

West Java  head of state profile and data coverage

According to  data  from the governor and deputy governor of West Java  , the local leader was  from Bandung. He  succeeded in becoming a load  , and he has now become  a winner of local elections  since  2018.  The name is Ridwan Kamil, or familiar Kang Emil.

The leader of West Java was  born  on October  4, 1971, in Bandung, where he was  the principal  Bandung technology in architecture.   The level of education is also quite high because he graduated from university   ; regarding his   master’s  degree, the name of the University of Berkeley, California  It was acquired in the United States.

Before entering   politics, Rickwen Camille  worked as an architect   , and regarding lateral employment  , Kent Emil  also worked as an  ITB  lecturer but was  unstable, and since then has become unrest to try to enter politics.

Before serving as  governor and  deputy governor of  West Java, he became mayor of Bandung in 2013. It continued to demonstrate major improvements that can be made  to  improve the quality of life, and it is known that in any respect or feature,  Bandung  can win the best prize.

Beginning with this, the wider  community noticed    Kang Emil’s name and leadership style. As a  result, Ridwan Camille  was appointed permanent and legal administrator for the West Java government territory.

Profile and information of  the fullest vice leader of West Java State

Discussions about  west   Java’s  governor and deputy governor will continue on the  profile of the deputy side.After  the  previous round of  talks given details about regional  leadership, it  now  aides  Of course,  cooperation  between  the leader and his handle in a government  must cooperate with each other.

Uu Ruzhanul Ulum  was  born on May 10, 1969,  in  Tarsimala, based   on  his basic report.  It is known that  Uhlong is a graduate of the University of Sillywangi, and  interestingly entered  politics earlier than  Ridwan Camille in a government career    Jehovah’s Witnesses

Since its inception  , it  has been noted that Yu has been a leader and  has   served as leader in the Tarsikamala  region.   Uyu has won twice since 2011 and  continues to serve as Peter Hannah,  but in 2018  , he will  be able  to progress in front of the government at the state level.  I liked it.

Attached to     Ridwan Camille when he  nominated the leader of  West  Java,  it  became a victory and official Legislation that  serves  as  PPP  , Hanura, PKB, PKB and Nasdame   There are multiple parties: Canemil is an independent candidate,  but the  law is  carried out simultaneously by four parties.

Finally, the  governor of West Java and the elected governor of West Java have been successfully detained until the end of his lifetime. We  can learn more about the leadership of the two digits:  Ridwan Kamil’s administration and the law  of Ruznulu Ululu we will find out more about the results.

Responsibilities as Governor and Assistant during the Administration

After discussing each profile, he is now able to continue to understand the royal court; local leaders must have some obligation to fulfill the full law; and as  a leader, he  must be involved in guidelines for responsibilities for driving government wheels smoothly.

It should be noted that every governor and elite governor of West Java must  have obligations  to  the  office. Once understood,  you have to  pass through various authorities appropriately; one  of the first  examples is  intense communication as well as   the whole scope    It is a good coordination.

Additionally , there are guidelines  for the implementation of his  position   as  a regional leader  .   It  is  important  for the leader and his deputy to help maintain discipline.If   new cases come in from  the policy formulation phase   Create and issue local regulations    .

Based  on  the main responsibilities  of the governor and deputy governor of West  Java, it  means  that  every move must be   focused on satisfying the public interest to the  extent that it   promotes public welfare.    This effort will be undertaken to enhance performance and performance.

There are fundamental prohibitions that  leadership cannot exercise in the three rules of  the   central  ministry: employee videos,  cancellation of   permits from former officials, and  controversial  policymaking.     I’m sure the wheels of government will also be polarised in the office.

Ridwon Camille’s achievements were within his position

Since 2018, he has served as regional leader, there must be significant changes and improvements.  These various benefits  have been  implemented to help  every part of it work smoothly  ,  as   well as other features if improved in the same sector.   It can be positively harmful.

There have been many  successes of the    governor and deputy governor of West Java during  the reign  of  excellent results.For economic issues, it   has become one of the pillars of  investment in  the Southeast Asian region  .  Many investors  stepped in to provide funds in various specialty sectors in West Java.

According to data carried  out by BKPM  , the west Java region  is known to have  the   highest level  in Indonesia  .  As an investment destination area, West Java   could get investor funds worth 120.4 trillion rupiah    Knowing this high number must have been hailed immediately as a valuable achievement during the government  period   .

Due to  this increase in  investment, the  economic sector, including MSME,   will no doubt increase at the level   The agricultural sector  can also get the most products in accordance with the harvest that will   improve  quality.   We can be sure that people’s  living  standards will be a social welfare factor  .

In fact, there are many other awards and achievements that Ridwan Camille has received from any role:  in fact, the current Ridwan Camille is a modern regionalist In that way, it should be   appreciated about the  achievements of the governor of  West Java and the armed governor of West    Java.

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