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West Java Small food recipe for yang Manis, You should try


Every place in Indonesia has so many kinds of food recipes as the simple easy to duplicatemyself . You must have tried to eat snacks from Bandung or other regions from West Java with a delicious taste. Also, the cooking from different regions of Indonesia is also very interesting to discuss.


Each region has different natural resources, making traditional food products between regions has its own unique ingredients. There is no end to talking about the food of every province when we, as Indonesians, have a duty to recognize this richness. Indonesian cooks are well-known to all corners of the world that should be proud of them.


This Sundanese land is famous for hundreds of cooked foods between heavy meals, and it is drinking soft drinks that you already want all over Indonesia. You should be easy to find street vendors in cilok, cireng, piscok, bandung cakes, etc. These meals are even easily processed by others, and the flavors are certainly loved by many.


The varieties and recipes of West Javanese snacks from traditional to modern are widely available in West Java and are so worth preserving. If you visit West Java, it will be much easier to find different specialties in each region at an affordable price. Cooking in Bandung or other western Java regions is very popular and consists of sweet, salty, bitter or other flavors.


For lovers of delicious snacks, in West Java you’ll find plenty of variety. Here are 5 varieties of the few halal West Java recipes that can be cooked at home. The food is simple and in fact the result is the same as the original. No need to go to West Java first, you can already taste the flavor.


Burayot Traditional Cakes with Wet Cake Type

This small-food West Javanese diet originated from the Garut area. The name comes from the Sundaneese language and means it has the form of ngagayot or hanging from it. Snacks include moist cakes made from simple ingredients. The creation of this meal was initially accidental. It was originally made by a Garut resident with rice flour and brown sugar in his house.


Making it is a simple matter, in the preparation of things like rice flour, brown sugar and soil. Next mix the palm sugar, granulated sugar and water and then heat then heat low to thick. After length, add the rice flour. Add by slowly adding a little bit by stirring it up bearing until the dough pattern is ready to form.


The tape just needs to be flat and then fried. Hands can be added with oil when you put the dough on the surface. The next step is to heat the oil in the pan so that the dough can be ignited. After the heating you should just put up a house dough early.


It doesn’t take long to light it because this dough contains the sweetness so it doesn’t burn. The next step for West Javanese snacks is to fry until it has arisen for a while and then a middle village using a bamboo stick and then hanging while frying it again for a while.   After ingling chili nan lembut it can be tasted.


 Ongol-Ongol yareeyaha from Sundanese

Snacks are popular in the north coast territory of West Java as a food left by the Mongol army in the 1200s. West Javanese snacks are  made from cassava flour or the like so that the texture is dull and delicious. Its encapsized color topped with the folded coconut makes the look of this food very appealing.


You just need to prepare kasava flour, brown sugar, pandan leaf, water, and young coconut for sprinkles. First cook the crowned coconut by ingesting it until while cooking it is added with a little salt. To make ongol-ongol dough, you mix cassava flour or handpicked flour with water.


On top of that, from this delicious West Javanese sweetness modern cuisine to  heat up brown sugar with pandanus and water to simmer. Set aside the sock solution after filtering to cool down. Next Stage heat flour solution with brown sugar to simmer and thicken. Wait for it to be warm then slice it into a slice and put it in a toasted coconut before enjoying it.


Princess Noong’s traditional cake made from Moos

The name didefinisikan means a nafiring princess. This comes from a nail wrapped in a flour dough that looks sharp (peek). This foodie has a different flavor because of the combination of chopped coconut, flour, and nail flavor as filling


This meal has enjoyed various events in the Sundanese family so much until this time. Mixing flavors from this type of small-food West Javanese recipe with  warm coffee or shah will add to your morning or evening joy in your family. The use of tapioca flour produces the shape of the fabric and the pattern inside it incorporates its own ingredients in this preparation.


Items you need either tapioca flour or those with the same shapes, banana horns, sugar, instant coconut milk, seasoned coconut, moss leaves, and salt. First cook the grate coconut after it’s in a bit of salt being salted by steaming until it’s cooked. Then mix it with tapioka flour and other ingredients until it takes the form of the dough.


Next wrap leaves around and place the syway  in the middle of  the n distribution  and then wrap neatly. In the end, the snacks of this Javanese west Javanese danced around as long as they were cooked. For presenting cut as desired add and it blends coconut with grated before enjoying your favorites.


Gemblong Sweet Cake with Caramel Coating

The sweet pink pattern around a layer of sugar caramelka is one that is easy to find in the bogor puncak around the resort. This is the fruit of a lot of the host’s hands due to its delicious and savory flavor. This cake contains crunchy rice inside it, and the coconut adds a variety of flavors and not just a sweet sock.


The taste of a law fits as a companion to warm drinks like puncak and it also makes it so fair easy. Without having to come to Bogor, you can make west Javanese snacks in your home with no less palatable flavors.


Prepare ingredients for glutinous rice flour, weak coconut, salt, coconut milk and cooking oil. Sugar caramel as a legal gemblong coating comes from brown sugar and a mixture of sand. How to make it by mixing a gray crunchy rice flour with the peanuts being faded. Don’t forget to add salt to your taste. Combined, slowly add coconut milk until the dough is perfectly tender.


It is then shaped to look like a fork and then fry. Prepare hot oil and then fry the ring dough  until it is cooked in yellow. And finally, make the sugar caramel by carefully cooking it so that it doesn’t burn a mixture of brown sugar and granulated sugar. Next from the recipe for a small standard meal in West Java to get a legal gemblong, mix sugar with gemblong until evenly distributed. Allow it to harden and dry before it’s ready to eat.


Simple Misro Made with things like Main-ka-Cadalava

Misro means fishing inside or in the sweet interior isthe simple n recipe made with the main ingredients of cassava and brown sugar.   The pattern is round and easy to find from people who are fried food on the side of the road. Today’s food is not just about traditional food but also about dinikmati luas oleh in all walks of life.


Producing food for this dessert recipe is very easy at home. Prepare First cassava crowns, cooking oil, brown sugar and salt. Before frying, the disadvantaged cassava joke is given a bit of salt and then formed round and centrally placed with brown sugar to taste. The final step for West Javanese snacks is just to fry up as long as it’s cooked and then drain it before enjoying it.

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