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Four Permata Call Center services you can try

The Permata Call Center is not only a forum and a bridge between official banking officers and their customers, where customers can display complaints and questions.Call centers can also be used as communications media to convey information that customers are involved in the bank’s products

As one of the most reliable banks, Permata Bank  can provide various types of services for their customers and nods.   These services are certainly done to be able to ease all the burdens owned by the customer  . One of them is loan services and savings in a simple way.

If in the past you have to walk to the nearest Permata office to get this information, you can now just ask for complete information through the Permata call center.You will immediately contact an officer who has the ability and knowledge to answer all your questions about the product.

Simply by calling the phone number that has been notified, then you will connect to the bank immediately. Then, what are the bank’s products that can get information through the Permata  call centre? Here’s a full review of the various best Permata bank products you can get information about.

Information about retail is all available in Call Centers

One of the superior products offered to customers is retail products. It covers various categories, ranging from deposits, savings, mutual funds, current accounts, even loan services. There are many categories of Permata Bank retail products  that you can enjoy. for that, get the full information immediately.

You can easily find information related to retail and general products above through  the existing  Permata Call Center.This call service runs 24 hours every day.Therefore, you can contact the permata bank at any time, no time limit, and of course the answer is quick.

This call service is automatic because it is answered with a self-answering machine that automatically answers. However, the feedback provided remains of high quality and is based on real officials with full knowledge of the products previously sold. Try to get in touch now to get the information.

The retail products offered are common andcan be used  by anyone for any need.    You can also create a credit card through this service according to what you want. Today, everything can be done easily and easily, without much more effort.

Want to go to Hajj? Get Sharia Info via Permata call centre

In addition to offering general retail products, Permata Bank also offers sharia products that are friendly to Muslim customers.This category is basically not very different from the general retail, it’s just that what’s special is, this sharia product provides a savings service to get Hajj.

Of course, who is not interested in worshipping Hajj and is incredibly facilitated by permata bank  ? This hajj collection is intended for customers with plans to operate Hajj.To save costs, it’s easy and doesn’t burden customers at all.Just comply with the stipulated regulations.

There are also many advantages that Permata Bank  provides in this case very regrettable customers.You can get complete information through the Permata call center 1500111.The benefits that can be earned include not only the funds saved but also the certainty for Hajj’s departure.

This hajj go guarantee is obtained based on the SISKOHAT of the Ministry of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia. What else is suspicious? Not to mention, the initial deposit you pay tends to be small, which is 250,000 rupiah, even up to 50,000 rupiah for the next time.  Executive fees are not free without any conditions per month.

For saving the transaction, it is also very simple. You can do it anywhere at the banking office permata, both public and sharia. you can ask for complete information through the Permata call centre  provided by the bank.

Meet your business needs through SME products

Business is one of the great opportunities to be able to make a profit. But many people often suffer obstacles when they want to start a new business. Therefore, Pemata Bank comes with an SME product offering to help you meet all your needs for the business. Interested in using this service?

If you are interested in trying this one product,  you can find the information through the Permata Call Center.Through this link, you can get solutive, complete, and accurate answers even if it is answered by the answer engine yourself.All you have to do is legalize the 1500399 or send an email to

One type of SME product offered is the availability of a fixed loan. A fixed loan here can be useful as your business fund. The advantage you can get from this service is that you will definitely get funding for all your business needs later. Of course, this is very profitable.

The payment schedule also uses a repayment plan in the form of an installation adapted to the cash flow of a customer’s business. Using a fixed loan service here, in addition to helping with funding, also helps to improve the cash flow of the businesses in which customers operate. You should try it now and feel the benefits.

Commercial financing could still be obtained early

The last product you can get information about through the Permata Call Center is commercial finance.  Permata Bank provides this service for those of you who run large commercial businesses with others; of course, this service is useful in providing security for the trade deals you make with your business.

There are many benefits you can get from this service, for example, providing a guarantee from a bank that will make your trading business more trustworthy. Not only that, commercial transactions also ensure security through internal and external storage facilities.     Of course, your business has been secured.

Not to mention the facilities to exit and receive SKBDN and LC. This allows you to expand your commercial business abroad incredibly and still do it easily. It is very convenient for you, right? Because this commercial business really needs protection and guarantee.

This commercial business is a genuinely risky and dangerous business if you are not careful in maintaining its security. That’s why you have to give it to a party that trusts so much in overseeing this kind of trade-related matter. If your business is safe, of course the profits you earn are also high.

In order to be able to contact Permata to get the full information relevant to this product, you can click the same button as the SME service, like the number 1500399. just go and say what you want to ask for, then it will be answered immediately.

There are a lot of profitable products you can really get from  this  Permata bank  . all are designed to meet your needs. Now, what else are you hesitant about all the products above?   Just contact The Permata call center to find out more about the product above.

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