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How to contact Bukopin Call Center and report consumer complaints

As a customer, of course, when there is a disagreement, the first step is to contact bukopin call center. In addition to customer calls, there are several other ways to contact the bank. In this way, customers can quickly resolve their complaints.

Cases such as lost ATM cards until a cash transfer fails can be easily resolved without having to go to a branch. This can be done thanks to the customer service of Bukopin Bank, which always accompanies you. So don’t worry if there are problems in the banking administration.

Consumers have the right to report their complaints to the manager or branch without hesitation. Even Bukopin call center is open 24 hours a day to serve all kinds of customer complaints. So when a problem occurs even at midnight you can still report it.

The following discussion will explain in detail how you as a customer can get in touch with the bank. There are three easiest ways: through phone calls, mobile calls, and email. These three ways must be known as the buyer of Bukopin Bank.

How to contact Bukopin call center by phone

This is one of the most commonly used methods of customers to contact the bank in case something happens. Just call 14 005 then you will immediately connect to customer service from Bukopin Bank. Customers can use this service free of charge.

Unlike other banks that are still deducted from credit or operator fees, Bukopin officially makes this service free. So don’t be afraid to spend a lot of money to build a Bukopin Call Center when you need it. Clients don’t know all the time.

Indeed, most banks still charge telecommunication fees by consumers. That is why it is quite natural that most of you do not know that the cost of this phone was borne by the bank. In addition to being free, customers can also make this call anytime, anywhere.

The customer call service from Bukopin works 24 hours and 7 working days. Even though you are excluded  as a customer  , you can still report complaints that occur in your bank account.   So that the problems that arise can be solved immediately without having to wait for it to come to the branch or center.

During working hours, there may be a delay in calls due to queues. This is normal for certain moments to happen, you just have to wait thirty minutes and then try to make another call. Such cases rarely happen, but there is nothing wrong with knowing the solution.

Contactbukopin Call Center using mobile network

Bank customers are not required to use a phone number if they do not have a device. The current mobile phone  can also be used for direct calling. The number to be dialed is also not much different from conventional calls, so it is very easy to remember.

Simply call +62 14 005 so you can make a phone call using the mobile network. Although some telecom operators can already integrate with conventional numbers, you can save these mobile phone numbers  when it is not possible to make conventional calls.

It is not much different from the conventional Bukopin call center, the use of the mobile network is still free. So don’t worry that  your loan will burn out when you call the bank. The server of this mobile phone is really different from the conventional one so it has several advantages.

If you contact via this mobile nomor then the potential for queuingand calling will be less. So when an emergency is recommended to use that number for immediate contact with the bank. In emergencies such as lost ATM cards, this method is highly recommended for customers.

The sooner you report a problem, the faster the bank will resolve it. Emergency events such as a lost ATM, a failed bank transfer, or an incorrect name  entry can  be completed briefly. Even using this method has the potential to make you not have to come to the branch.

How to report customer complaints in the bank using email

The development of technology has made the use of email more widespread as well. Therefore, Bukopin also provides customer service using email if a call is not possible. By conducting a report using an e-mail message, the problem can be forwarded in detail.

Usually, complaints submitted via email will relate to the issue of m banking applications or digital transfers. So clients can send screenshots directly as proof of process cancellation. It is also easier for banks to confirm errors in the process.

Even using this email, rather complicated problems such as data entry errors can be solved without having to come to a branch. The point case is an error when entering a name when transferring cash, just take a screenshot and include it as proof.

You can even report ATM error events  by attaching photos or videos as proof. This method has been shown to be more effective than bukopin call centers that are limited to voice media only. So wherever harassment occurs, customers can report it immediately.

In terms of response, the email method still has drawbacks compared to conventional calls. Customers may have to wait a few minutes to receive a reply email from the bank. If you’re in a hurry then just combine a conventional phone and this email method as a solution.

To contact by e-mail, customers can address  to contact them. The first answer will be received from VIOLA, which is a robot service from this bank. Just attach a complaint and it will automatically connect to a human officer.

Getting to Know the New Breakthrough VIOLA Technology from Bukopin

Perhaps there are still few customers who know VIOLA technology from this Bukopin Bank. Indeed, viola is the latest breakthrough to increase the speed of customer service. Basic questions can be answered directly without having to contact human personnel.

Viola is a robot that will help the problems of bukopin call  center so that there is no agreementof callsto human personnel. Some basic issues, such as authentication transfer status, can be performed using this latest technology.

Clients who use email to file complaints will also be responded to by viola before receiving a response from a human officer. The advantages of this technology certainly accelerate contact between customers and banks in order to avoid bottlenecks that disrupt the customer service system.

So far, viola technology is still being developed to improve customer convenience. Not only on viola emails, it is also planned to be used to maximize conventional calls. So, to solve the mild problem viola reacts faster.

Buyers will certainly be more suited to this technology, which will help smooth out the delivery of bank ing complaints. Future transaction problems will also use viola to make mobile banking activities smooth and faster for customer convenience.

As a customer, of course, the development of this banking technology will further help you. Consumer complaints will be transferred and resolved faster without having to come to the branch.  Bukopin Call Centre services will be  maximised and will help to meet the needs of consumers.

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