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Facts about Minimum Temple BeyalensHaru Jun Tapainlai Thaha Hunuparchh

The decision to use the minimum balance of the temple is important to know the basis of the basis, especially if the temple type of banking is served. The insurance provision is an important place, so that there is a lack of responsibility for giving up minimum balance in the account.

Nowadays, the use of banking services in the financial sector is considered necessary to be used by almost all circles. All transactions are required to use money as collateral, which is considered necessary as necessary for the financial system. If they enter this area, the level of security is definitely a top priority.

If you are a banking user, you will definitely know the importance of using this service. Tapainko financial management should be a bank in the reserved media. Ahilesam, the bank is the provider of banking services, which definitely includes a bank as a special representative, as a bank.

Bank Mandiri  Indonesia has been considered as  one  of the financial  services. The temple has been established for about 20 years, it is necessary to be a bank. This bank is based on the policy-related regulations in Jakarta. Apply the policy of the applicable gariyeka, there should be one minimum balance to the temple.

SoEco Banking Services will be established under the aegis of SOE. All types of serviceable potential customers should provide quality level and useful facilities level. BUMN’s bank will keep the attention of the development of Mandiri, sabaibhanda successful state business production will provide a ramro facility to a bun in the producer.

Mandiri has quality service in minimum business bank. The existence of these minimum beylens is considered important to provide the customer’s health strategic rules. Without any reason, the minimum policy is carefully thought about the rules of the bank.

The details of the minimum business policy in the bank’s temple are as follows:

The possibility of sudden closure of the account

The minimum business policy  is issued to The Temple, the  first reason is that the customers are likely to suddenly close the afno account. So that the administration has to stop the cost of the minimum balance.

There are obstacles, the customers who are having to stop the account. The interest for every month of the first qur’an is three months. Interest will be applicable to any bank deposit as a token of interest, as a result of which type of customer will be allowed to run by the customer, then close the triple account and explore other savings options.

There is loss and fraud. In the recent situation, traditional banks are likely to be cheated on all scales. Various types of frauds are often reported in the case data of customers. That is why the decision to close the account was suddenly taken.

All the customers and bank hires a certain unexpected solution to the closure of the account. When there is a sudden closure, closure, all administrative procedures are important to maintain the minimum temple business.

Customer Education Tools

An independent bank account requires minimum bealency, all customers should be educated about the maximum importance of the savings fund, so that all the needs can be fulfilled.

The minimum temple beylens  have  only the form of the maximum effort to increase the existing savings fund. This minimum balance policy provides extensive knowledge to the public to find that independent banks are engaged in development and transactions.

If the importance of money is lost to the general account, then there is a possibility of poor development arising from other types of financial facilities  .

Mandiri is motivated to set up minimum balances, deposits and use the maximum amount of money through attractive promotions for every event and day, as if the customer is motivated to increase the amount of money to the customer’s non-business.

The continuous growth in the bank temple’s unsaveds business is always surprising to  the customers. For example, an interesting promo about the new year’s AD’s anniversary is beneficial for the people who use the temple bank to make transactions. All these policies are certainly strategic aspects of the Group.

As an attractive promo of increasing the business power to the customer, the bank’s market place and entertainment site zinc are constantly developed by other companies, as the customer continues to grow at the lowest temple beneality.

 Important  education for savings

As a matter of fact, the bank is  going to maintain minimum insurance  policy  for  the development of the customer’s savings. If the financial services user is aware of the importance of saving in a traditional bank, it is possible that the account will increase beality. If the importance of savings of the customer is not necessary, then it is beneficial.

It is useful to increase the minimum balance savings base of the temple, if the customer is engaged in saving, in this context, the customer loses and the financial services provider gets two party benefits, the bank will go to Temple.

Bank service providers can provide high interest on savings as much as they can freely improve the quality level of the bank and all the quality-level guarantees. This will enable the bank to have a sustainability impact, which will attract customers. While customers are definitely more affordable, the finance management will be ramro shrink.

In the future, it is important to prepare for the economic situation at a certain time. Financial readiness is certainly important when you limit the risk of solving one person. Such  temple minimum balance policy savings need to be increased quickly  .

Variation in nominal type of temple beylens

The temple savings business had to talk about the minimum policy, where the last fact is that every type of bank available should exist in nominal terms. The bank is a manufacturer of  various types of  savings according to the requirement of the temple-based customer.

In various types of savings accounts, there is a significant impact on the minimum interest  in the temple  . There are  eight types of savings in  temple service which  require adjustments to the customer. One type of savings is regular savings, business savings, mera savings, foreign exchange, as well as haj savings and others.

It is necessary to refer to the loyal savings minimum business policy, as regular savings of Rs. 100,000 as under the bealen duty and only Rs. 20,000 as the balance fee for my type.

Careful consideration of the benefits of the poor is definitely adjusted.  The policy regarding the minimum balance of the temple  , of course, the facts of the heat are the basis of the facts.

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