Perhaps some of you don’t know the BBCA Bank code . The Central Bank of Asia ( BCA ) is one of the largest banks in Indonesia . The BBCA bank has a large number of customers in Indonesia . In this way , you may  often meet with your colleagues or friends using the BCA account .

So , maybe one day you will build a tran for someone who uses the BBCA Banking Account . When you don’t have a BBCA account , you will need an unprecedented code from the BBCA Bank . There  is a great possibility that you will do it a long time in the modern age as it is today .

For example , the online shopping process is now very happy in Indonesia . If you are one of them , you will definitely get train money to get money . It is possible if you should make an interbank transfer because none of the current ways to make money are through the bank you have .

The bank code will be used to identify transactions made by each bank . To make an interbank transfer , you only need to recognize the home bank code . For example , you have an independent bank account , but you will transfer it to the BBCA Bank and then you need the BCCA Bank Code

There are several ways to get money from banks that can be used . To make transfers , you can use ATM machine , SMS banking , or internet banking . One that you use a lot of time is through ATM machines . ATM machines now have many ATM machines in different places , for example as shopping places and other public places .

Transfer code from another bank to THE BBC Bank

As stated earlier , when you make an interbank transfer you need a code from the home bank . So when you want to transfer from another bank to the BBC Bank , you need to provide the ABC Bank Code . For the ABCA Bank Transfer Code , it is 014. Bank codes are  generally  three in number .

For those of you who make interbank transfers , you must first provide a home bank code . This is so much that it is not hindered when making the transfer . In fact , if you  make an interbank transfer through the ATM machine , there is information about bank codes there . But it would be good if you knew it before you left the house .

Watching the bank code in the ATM machine will prolong the  process needed  for transmission . Although sometimes   many people wait on the line . So you should not use the ATM machine for a long time .   To transfer between banks , you only need to add a home bank code in front of the account number . In addition to using ATM  machines , internet banking and SMS banking can also be transmitted via internet banking .

How to determine the BBCA Bank Code by ATM machine

Maybe you don’t have time to check before you get to the ATM machine , you can do it in the ATM machine . The method is very easy , the first is to enter your ATM card as always . Then select a language , then enter your hidden code or account password .

From now on , another deal menu will appear , select other transactions and then select transfer . If you have chosen an online bank , you will be asked to fill the bank code account number . In the lower right corner , there is usually a mine option for listing bank codes . Only type in the bank code  list , then you will be all over Indonesia Show the list of bank codes .

Because there are many banks in Indonesia , making a list will be shown in several pages . So if you have not found the BBCA Bank  Code on the front page of the next click , then the bank code list will appear next  . If you have found it , you should remember , then enter the menu account number .

How to transfer from another bank to the BBC bank via ATM machine

First , please  go to the nearest ATM machine from where  you live .   The other step is to enter the ATM card and THE ATM PIN . Make sure that your balance is sufficient before carrying it . Because you will then be given an additional fee when you will make an interbank transfer . The transfer fee policy depends on the bank ‘s policy . So the  possibility of different banks is from each other . You’re there.

After that ,   you will   be asked to enter the home bank code and account number . In this case , you will  need  to transfer it to the BCA bank . Enter.

For example , if the home account number 1234567890 you need to add code 014  in front of  it . So when this is 1234567890 014, then select the correct menus . From now on  you will be asked not to enter any MM or reference train.However , this reference number is only optional , so it will remain empty .

Then enter the money to be transferred . Make sure the notoriety train is correct ,  because it cannot be remembered when it is ditheran  . If you want to go back , you should ask the buyer to transfer it back .   If the nominal is certified to be appropriate  , please choose the right menu .

The screen will show information about the recipient , such as the target account number , the target bank , the name of the buyer , and the amount to be transferred . Make sure the information shown is in accordance with the purpose of transmission . If this is not appropriate , an error occurs when entering the bank code or home account number .

If the information on the screen is correct , please confirm it with the correct choice . Then you will get proof of the transmission of the ATM machine and this means that the transfer has been successfully carried out . For extra ,  don’t forget to reclaim the ATM card after you have traded in the ATM machine .

Easy interbank transfer

The presence of Inter-Bank transfer services clearly provides many benefits . Just imagine that if there is no way you should have many ATM cards to meet your needs in transactions . This is because there are many banks  in Indonesia .   TEDAk is very rare you have to pay to other banks .

By using the transfer you can easily get payment . For example , paying employees ‘ money . It is also safe to transfer karunki money . Because when making a transfer , there must be proof of transmission .

In addition ,Taranfar Bank makes it easy for you to shop . Now , where it was an online store , you can shop from home . You don’t need to come directly to the store when you are going to buy groceries . Online stores usually use transfers as a way of money  .

Bank accounts owned by online stores are usually different . With your interbank transfer you do not need to have an account from the same bank as an online store . So you can shop freely in each store . You only need to know the home bank code . So if the Yulin store where the store is located uses the BBCA Bank Account , you only need to  know the BCA Bank Code to  pay .

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